ST95 Stationary Worktable


Made to integrate with the Co-matic Edgebanders and PD80 Power Trimmer, the ST95 Stationary Worktable allows for efficient edgebanding and edge trimming of small, thin, curved, or other specially shaped workpieces not suitable for stationary edgebanding.

Features at a Glance

- Compatible with Edgebanders
- Compatible with PD 80 Power Trimmer
- Embedded outlet and magnetic switch
- Adjustable magnets for workpiece leveling

Product Description

The ST95 Stationary Worktable is the Co-matic solution to workpieces that are difficult to manage with a portable edgebanding or trimmer tool. Compatible with our AR, BR, DR Series edgebander and PD80 Power Trimmer products, this stationary worktable is a lightweight, space-efficient solution for stationary edgeband or edge tape application.

ST95 Stationary Worktable Features

For All Shapes and Sizes

Small, thin, curved, or other specially shaped workpieces may prove difficult to edgeband or trim properly using a portable setup. By attaching our AR Series edgebanders or PD80 Power Trimmer, it allows the portable tool to take on stationary applications as well.

Simple Stationary Edgebanding

Setup of an AR 、BR、DR Series Edgebander or PD80 Power Trimmer takes only minutes. Four screws secure the device in place and neodymium magnets are provided which keep the workpiece at an even height and angle for consistent results.

At a Fraction of the Price

Other stationary edgebander machines can cost more than two to four times the price of an AR Series edgebander with the ST92A Stationary Worktable.

Integrated Power Management

Embedded outlets and a magnetic on/off switch ensure that any plugged-in tools can be started or stopped with ease.

Space-Saving and Portable

The table folds for easy transportation and storage.

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