ST97 Guide Component Kit Straight-line Edgebanding & Trimming


Extended Bolted-on Accessory Tool for ST95 Worktable, ideal for higher volume production on Straight-line edgebading and trimming operation.

Features at a Glance

- Guiding roller
- Suspension Floating System
- Adjustable Guiding Support Arm
- Edgebanding and TrimmingThickness range from 10mm - 60 mm

ST97 Guide Component Kit 

It is a great alternative assisting tool for you to combine with the ST 95 Worktable , it's specially design  to enhance work efficiency  and elevate production rate on straight line operation. 

ST97 Guide Component Kit Features

Guided Edgebanding

The optional ST97 Guide Component assists with keeping your workpieces on a level plane while straightline edgebanding or power trimming.

Suspension Floating System

The suspension floating design enhance better trimming result. 

Adjustable Guiding Support Arm 

Reinforce device to create pressing force  to the workpiece to enhance better edgebading bond result. 

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