VH03N Vacuum Clamp Set Workpiece Stabilizer


The VH03N Vacuum Clamp Set is meant for use with large workpieces or panels to stabilize them for edgebanding and power trimming operation.

Features at a Glance

- One set comes with two vacuum clamps
- Ensures fast and secure tightening
- Provides strong grip of large panels
- Prevents damage on workpiece surfaces
- Comes with a carrying case

Product Description

Made with both professionals and hobbyists in mind, the VH03N Vacuum Clamp Set is suited for edgebanding or edge tape application on large work pieces, including doors, panels, and countertops.

VH03 Vacuum Clamp Set Features

Quick Setup

Simply adhere the vacuum or C-clamp to stabilizing surface and workpiece, and flip the fasteners.

Secure Your Workpieces

Each vacuum cup can hold up about 34kg (75lbs) of pressure. 

Scuff-Free Fastening

Since the vacuum cups are made of rubber, there will be no need to worry about potential damage to the workpiece or stabilizing surface.

Easy Transportation

Each VH03N Vacuum Clamp Set comes with two vacuum clamps and an interlockable Co-Matic/ Le-matic Cruiser Case.

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