PD80 Edgeband Trimmer 1/4" or 6mm Collets


The Co-Matic / Le-matic PD80 Edgeband Trimmer is designed for safe, straightforward operation. Beyond simple edgeband trimming, this tool is also ideal for hollow door or column edge trimming and makes for a solid addition to any professional or hobbyist's collection of tools.

Features at a Glance

PVC, wooded band edge trimming.
Unique design for micro-adjust scale with
0.05 mm (0.002”).
Superior dust collection telescopic vacuum cover.
Minimum inner radius : 25 mm (1”).


Here at Co-matic Machinery, we always design our tools and machines with a clear intent in mind. For the PD80 Edgeband Trimmer, that intent was to design a trimmer tool that would combine functionality, safety, and customization. We’re very proud of our internationally patented PD80 design, and as always, it is backed by the Le-matic brand. We stand by the quality of our products, all of which are TUV, CE, CSA, and UL certified.


Output Power

450 W, 1 Phase, 100-200V or 220-240V

No-Load Speed

30,000 rpm

Net Weight

2.3 kg

Gross Weight

4.3 kg

Packing Size

350 x 350 x 180 mm


Safe, Effective, Personalized Operation

Ergonomic Controls

Two holding knobs allow for stable and strain-free operation of the edgeband trimmer during operation.

30,000 RPM

Our motor provides the power and durability to trim various materials – wood, PVC, melamine, or laminate edgebands or edge tape don’t stand a chance.

More Than Just Edgebands

Not limited to trimming edgebands or edge tap, the PD80 Edgeband Trimmer is also ideal for hollow door or column edge trimming.

Keeping Clean

A 180° telescopic cover assists in the collection of dust from the trimmings. A standard vacuum hose must be connected to the PD80 for use of the dust collection function.

…While Keeping Safe

The cover also acts as safeguard to keep the router bit separated from the operator. During operation, the vacuum cover shifts position according to the contours of the workpiece, allowing for interference-free trimming.

Custom Collets and Router Bits

Collets are available in either 6mm or ¼in versions (dependent on region) alongside three varieties of router bits – an R 1/8 router bit, a 5° router bit, and a 45° Chamfer bit.


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